Patient Participation Group Meeting

Wednesday 14th September 2022: 5.00pm- 6.30pm. (In-person/F2F: Surgery)

A warm welcome

Was extended to everyone in attendance to include: Eddie Kingston (Vice Chairman), Chris Million (Secretary), Lottie Haylock, Mike Trimming, Brian Buskin, Jane McGill, Andrew Richardson and Linda Child.

Apologies for absence:

Lynn McCormack; Susan Weedy; Dr Alford, John Miller; Russ Wallace

Matters arising from previous minutes

There were no items raised but a point of information was raised as to the age groups represented in surveys. The age group 61-75 years was populated well. However, this was not the case for the age group 18-35. This will need to be addressed at some future point.

Acceptance of previous minutes as a true record. - Agreed

Practice update

(Dr Alford/Andrew/Jane.)

The creation of a ‘What’s App’ group was discussed and broadly welcomed.

CM to send out email to see if members would accept.

Mike T offered to set this up once trawl and ‘go ahead’ is confirmed.

Interim measure offered by Jane and Andrew to investigate ethics of the use of a virtual platform.

3 new additions of the clinical team. (2Reg/1F2) who will be mentored by the Senior Partners.

Struggling to find receptionists as others are promoted to other areas of work such as Triage Flu clinics averaging 112/128 patient numbers. It would be good to have volunteers for such events.

Telephone Traffic Results - July and August 2022

Covering period 13 May to 29 July.

Query/discussion raised about ‘2 rings’

Discussion: is contract up for renewal/5.45 p.m. Cut off

A wish to continue with printouts for total calls/Maximum waiting.

Family and Friends Feedback Results August 2022

Results sourced from consultations with GP, Practice Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and    Health Care Assistants (monthly basis)
19 responses
12/19 rated the surgery service as good or beyond


Patients encouraged to use the NHS App, as the primary source for ordering prescriptions/ booking appointments etc. Can still access Systm Online TPP app for ordering but this must be accessed direct, as there is no longer a link through the BMG website.

BMG Website is new, much more user friendly ‘Teething issues’ to be addressed.

Prescriptions (Boots missing contents)

Andrew keen to take issues raised in discussion back to Boots on our behalf

This was recorded as a ‘real issue’ that does need to be addressed.

Julie to ring Eddie/Brian asap to work towards resolving this issue.

Flu Clinics.

To be held 24th September; 8th October; 19th October.

All help gladly received

Eddie offered but health dependent.

Any Other Business

NHS App frailty Index discussed. How is it assessed?

Jane to let us know about PPG recruitment table (a mixture proposed of a.m. and p.m. sessions)

Link Workers:  working towards ‘A Canny Little Christmas’ and Shoe Box Appeal.

Date of next meeting. Wednesday 14th December 5p.m. at the surgery. 

Thanks everyone. - Chris